DCI Systems Group, is South Florida’s leading temperature control sales and service provider since 1984.​

A recognized leader in the distribution of temperature control systems and products to provide our customers with the best building automation solution. Our well trained staff is ready to assist with presentations, bids, programming, and start-up. Whether it is the simplest of networked systems or a complex system integration our staff is ready to provide the best possible solution.

DCI Systems Group, has several building automation programs to fit your needs.

Contact one of our specialists for more information on our building automation programs and services.

Discover how DCI can help keep your temperature control system operating at maximum efficiency year-after-year.


DCI Systems Group, has cultivated an impeccable reputation for expertise in building management systems and controls that span a broad range of applications.​

Dedication to quality and commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our company.

What separates us from every other contractor is our professional people and extensive knowledge in commercial refrigeration, HVAC planning, consulting, design, installation and service.

We offer controls and energy management services, from concept to completion.

We have the finest refrigeration, HVAC and equipment from leading manufacturers around the world.

We are a proud member of the distinguished team of Johnson Controls Authorized Building Control Specialists (ABCS’s) that provide sales and service for the world class Metasys controls and supervisory systems.